Orange Vanilla Loaf at The Bread Store

by Amber on November 8, 2009

Oozing with floral orange and rich vanilla, and with a decadent, melt-in-your-mouth flavor, The Bread Store came out with its newest creation today: Orange Vanilla Loaf. This divine treat looks like a gooey pillow of sweetness with its fluffy white body swirling with pretty orange ribbons and topped with a flowing vanilla-bean-studded glaze.
Make no mistake: this is a sublime original. One bite of the tiny sample provided at the check-out counter had me begging for the whole loaf. At the truly ridiculous bargain price of $3.50 for the entire thing, you simply can’t wait. This is an entirely new experience you’ll want to savor.

Bravo to the baker for this creation, which he tells me, was his experiment this very morning. Pure, blissful genius!

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