June 2011

Edible Flowers: Pineapple Guava

by Amber on June 23, 2011

Allow me to introduce a flower petal that beats all others in taste. So many edible flower petals, despite their inviting colors, taste like peppery lettuce. Not the pineapple guava! Its spongy white petals with pink-red interior have a chewy bite you can actually sink your teeth into. As your teeth close, the bright fruit flavor is released. Divine!

Pineapple Guava plants have edible flower petals that taste like berries.

Pineapple guava flowers are a perfect pairing to blueberries with similar berry sweetness.

I first read about pineapple guava flowers in Sunset’s One-Block Feast. As I was reading, I noticed tiny birds landing on my tree, eating the petals voraciously. Those birds had to be on to something! I pulled a petal off a flower, popped it in my mouth, and beamed. Eureka! Another great backyard discovery!

Pineapple guava flowers are reaching the end of their season. Hurry out and get some before the birds claim all for themselves. Eat them like candy, sprinkle them on salads, or toss them with some fruit. These would be great cupcake toppers, too!

Note: the red brush in the center is not edible—only the petals.

For more details on eating pineapple guava flowers, here’s a good link from Sunset magazine.

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